Using SQLite DB Browser to connect your OpenBazaar Server and Client




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    Grég McPherson

    Having located my username and password after carefully following these instructions, I'm given no option of manually inputting my username and password.

    I get this:

    I've checked through the settings and cannot find options on the username / password.

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    Gem Thomas

    When I open the OpenBazaar-1.1.11.dmg file with DB Browser for SQLite, DB Browser for SQLite says I need an encryption key. Where do I find encryption key? Am I even needing to go this route to join OB? I downloaded app for my mac and got as far as the screen shot shows and that was an hour ago. Call me crazy but there should be a message that notifies me the server and client are communicating or not communicating instead of just watching arrows rotating like this for minutes. More info the better. I'll even click on shutdown local server and it still rotates arrows. I'll click on start local server and same thing, spinning arrows. I am convinced Open Bazaar is not an app that reveals the wonders of spinning arrows. This being the case, I've deleted the app and redownloaded it and it picks right back up with this screen shot seen below, even when I attempt to reopen it both through diskimagemounter or DB Browser for SQLite. 

    Why am I not seeing what other OB users see as soon as they download this app? They go right to their store and I see this ... Interesting has inconsistent it can be across identical machines. ??? 

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