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    Rob Freebeard

    So I'm supposed to rebuild my entire store if this happens?

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    Twice if it fails again...

    Take it easy and dont add too much (if you can get it to run at all) - also it may be preferable to not update until a few successful reports turn up.



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    i am running the server on Digitalocean VPS

    CPU usage appears to be close to 100% all the time, and the server is unreachable

    every time i need to stop and restart the application... sometimes even reboot the machine

    any suggestion?

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    Suzan Szollar

    I’m on a Mac (10.10.4 ). I downloaded openabazaar, installed. Kept getting the “connection failed to default” message. Took all the steps on this page (including deleting the data folder) https://openbazaar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/208151276-Unable-to-connect-to-your-server, several times over, still can’t get past this message. Tried different internet connections (home, work, wired, wireless), still no luck. BTW one of the steps is to restore defaults but there is no button to do that. Have searched reddit, support, etc. and can't find a resolution. BTW one suggestion was to join the slack group openbazaar but when I try to do this, it says I need an email address that is @openbazaar...



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    Guys it does not work..

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    I am also unable to connect using the client and server package from the OB download page. https://openbazaar.org/download.html

    Sometimes connect failed to default. sometimes authentication failed. I've tried reinstalling.

    I have tried 2 different clean ubuntu 16 dektops and also tried on a windows 10 virtual machine. Always the same errors.

    Getting the password from the OB-Mainnet.db file did not fix the problem. Am I being stupid or are the install packages broken?

    I was very exited about OB. I hope it's not dying. Can anyone help?

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    Jonathan Cross

    Hi @raymond, OB is definitely not dying yet :-)

    Did you set a custom username / password as shown here:


    I don't work for OB, but that fixed my issue.

    I am not sure yet how this is supposed to work, but I believe the server and client are supposed to automatically share randomly generated authentication info.  In my case that didn't work as expected and it seems I'm not alone  :-)

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    Sadly neither editing ob.cfg nor editing ob-mainnet.db worked for me. I am at a loss. Wish I could get OB to run :(

    When trying to view the debug log I get this error:

    There was an error and we are unable to open the server debug log at this time.

    Error: EACCES: permission denied, open '/usr/share/openbazaar/resources/app/../OpenBazaar-Server/debug.txt


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