How do I install and use OpenBazaar?




  • mike noah

    I can't sign up with app, once I download the app it gives me connection error .even I can't sign up....error is unable connect to your server

    My OS is osx mac!

    thank for help

  • dunxd

    OpenBazaar doesn't work on OS X in my experience - on installing the onboarding process never runs and there is no way to manually start it, so OS X users can't use OpenBazaar.  

    I can't say if they are testing the OS X version or not, but my support request relating to this has remained unanswered for two weeks.

  • Sam Patterson

    OpenBazaar should be working for OSX users. I'm sorry your support request wasn't answered, we'll look into that.

  • dunxd

    Does that mean the installer has been updated to fix the problem?

  • Manfred Hoos

    It does not work on Mac OS X: "Connection failed to default— too many failed authentication attempts"

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